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The Reason Why You Need To Have Property Insurance

Protection of property assets can not only be done by corporations, but also by individuals. After doing the right calculation of the assets owned, then we can choose the right protection through insurance. Individual insurance that can be owned as protection is health insurance, education insurance, and others. In addition, one of the important asset insurances to have is property insurance, such as housing. This article will tell you about  the reason why you need to have property insurance

In property insurance, the main benefit that will be obtained is the physical protection of the building from events. The disaster such as fire, lightning strike, smoke, airplane crash, and other dangerous events. However, the protection benefits obtained can be extended, for example protection of the contents of the property.  Also pay attention to related interesting articles buy property protection.

The Reason Why You Need To Have Property Insurance

have property insurance
have property insurance

Why You Need To Have Property Insurance

One of the benefits of property insurance protection is from theft. As a place to live, the house is usually also a place to store valuables. In order for us to feel safe when we are at home or traveling. We need extra protection, such as alarms, CCTV cameras, fences, and proper doors. So, You need to think to have property insurance.

Apart from landed houses, apartments are also a choice of housing in urban areas. Then if living in an apartment can also be covered by property insurance?  When buying an apartment, usually the building is collectively insured by the apartment management agency.

This property insurance covers the benefits of protecting the physical apartment building from the risk of fire, natural disasters. Also other risks covered by the property policy that result in physical damage or destruction to the building. You need to consider to have property insurance.

Usually, the contents or furniture in the apartment unit has not been insured. It's a shame, isn't it, if the apartment unit you own is damaged or destroyed due to fire, lightning strike, earthquake, damaged by water or due to broken water pipes, burglaries, riots, and riots?For this reason, it would be wise to  complete the protection of the contents or furniture of the apartment.

For example, once a pipe installation in an apartment unit leaks and overflows, it can physically damage the apartment building and the contents or furniture of the apartment unit. Property insurance owned by the apartment manager will provide compensation due to damage that occurs to the structure of the apartment building. Meanwhile, damage or destruction of the contents of the apartment will be guaranteed by have property insurance that we purchased independently

Property insurance does not only cover finished houses, if you are building a house you can also be covered by insurance. This type of insurance is called engineering insurance or engineering. Usually this type of insurance is only familiar for large construction projects, such as skyscrapers, industrial buildings, or large-scale developments.

This insurance provides protection against risks in the implementation of development project work, installation of equipment such as industrial machines or power plants and electronic equipment as well as some special risks during operation such as toll roads, ports, machinery and electronic equipment. So it is important to have property insurance.

In addition, the benefits of engineering insurance cover not only large projects, but also small scale projects such as the construction of houses, shops, warehouses and community meeting buildings, and the creation of gardens in residential areas.

Engineering insurance for small scale also has very broad benefits, covering losses due to force majeure such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides. Then all the losses caused by human error, such as negligence, fire, theft, riots, strikes and riots. No less important is the loss of third parties that cause property damage, bodily injury and death that are directly caused by project work. So, You need to think about have property insurance.

Of course, in buying protection (insurance), make sure to buy according to your needs, and double-check the insurance policy before confirming that we agree to buy the insurance. Don't forget to also read what things are not covered by the insurance.

If you have property insurance and want to claim property insurance then pay attention to the following things.  Also pay attention to related interesting articles benefits of property protection.

  • Immediately provide a report on loss, damage or loss of the insured assets
  • There is a representative from the insurance company who will conduct a survey, analyze, and calculate the potential value of damage and loss.
  • Prepare claim supporting documents, such as chronology of events, estimated repair value, as requested by the insurance company.
  • Submit supporting documents and evidence to the US company. There are explanation about have property insurance. Hope this can be references for you.

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